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need help with uploading a mod can anyone help



Could someone please make me The Dolan Twins? I love them and I would love them in my game.  I find them very attractiive haha! If someone could make me Ethan and Grayson i would be very happy if someone was willing to do it! xD If you do plan to make me them please reply to this post and message me the CC! Thank you!

Sudadera Retro PlayStation

Hola Simmers. ¿Que tal todo?


Somos LoveOfGamer. Una pareja dedicada al mundo de los videojuegos.

Venimos para ofreceros contenido personalizado y consejos sobre el mundo de Los Sims.

Como es nuestro estreno en la web, queremos compratir con vosotr@s una sudadera que

encantará. Si eres un amante de los videojuegos y las consolas concretamente de PlayStation,

esta sudadera le vendrá de perlas a tu Sim.





Hello to anyone who is reading this!

I am barely ever on TSR anymore, unless I am downloading CC. But I am making this post in the long shot that anyone may still be interested in the stories I have posted on TSR.

I have started writing very seriously and am currently in the process of turning my story Parasite into an actual book. The story and characters have evolved so much since the story posts I used to make on TSR. If you are interested in reading it or just want to chat then send me a message on TSR or email me at

Lack of posting

Hey everyone, really sorry I haven't been updating. My laptop broke a few weeks ago and ive been saving up for a new one. I plan to buy one within the week. Thank you :) 

My Tumblr Blog

I have made a Tumblr Blog to show off some Sims I have made as well as some funny captured moments. Feel free to check that out if you think it would interest you.


I'm Still Alive and Playing

I'm still here playing but not creating. A stroke in 2017 left me with one functioning side of my body ( not my dominant side unfortunately). It's too difficult to create using one hand to push three keystrokes Imagine CTRL, ALT, DEL) at the same time, but I'm still playing Sims 3.


I still get comments on my Sims 2 creations. I appreciate each and every one of them. I have tons of ideas for Sims 3 & 4 but no way to implement them. Living post stroke can be frustrating at times. I rejuvenated the builder's challenges across the forum, but discontinued my attempts because of inactivity of other TSR members and a lifestyle change.

After the death of my husband, I'm currently operating a homestead property with the hopes of being more self sufficient. You can find me on YouTube (cockeyed homestead) or my blogs ( or

Oh, and BTW, I'm officially Grandmajam of 10 now!


Happy New Month Everyone

This is the month of febuary.

Wishing everyone well

Mandoza From South Africa

Dragon Ball Super Collection

Hello all, here is a list with all the upcoming sets of the DBS Collection.

Set #01                -    Goku                -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #02                -    Goku Black        -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #03                -    Gohan              -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants *
Set #04                -    Vegeta             -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #05                -    Freeza              -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #06                -    Android 17        -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #07                -    Android 18        -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #08                -    Krillin                 -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #09                -    Beerus                 -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #10                -    Picollo               -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #11                -    Zeno                -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #12                -    Whiz                 -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #13                -    Kid Trunks         -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #14                -    Goten               -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #15                -    Bulma                -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #16                -    Master Roshi       -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #17                -    Future Trunks     -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #18                -    Zamasu              -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #19                -    Supreme Kai's     -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #20                -    Jiren the Grey     -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #21                -    Toppo               -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants

All tho it seems that every set has been locked down already, as it has a set number. The release order might be totally different, all i can say now that the first 5 are actually in correct order :).

If there is one set in the list you guys want to see sooner then its on the list, let me know, if there are enough people that want that specific set, i can put it higher up in the list for release.

Greets, EsEmNL (Steven)

* Set 03 (Gohan) will contain a generic DBS cap with just the logo on it.

From Set 04 forward the sets will be male AND female after all, i figured out my stupidity in what i was doing wrong. Good learning moment tho :P

My Custom Baby Content

Hi everyone I've been getting questions as to how to apply my baby cc to your precious little ones in the game. Because babies are basically "objects" in the game you can't just change their clothing like your other sims, at least for now. Keeping my fingers crossed that someday this will change. However until then just drop the baby package file into your "MODS" folder (Please only place one package file in folder at a time or it will not work"). Open up your game and when your precious baby is born depending on whether it be male or female will depend which outfit it will have on. Should you decide to change your babies outfit simply go back to your "MODS" folder and swap baby cc package out for a new one. Open your game and continue to play. Hope this helps and thank you for the love and support you have shown for my baby cc. Much love to all.

yourusername>Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods

Eileen Wise and Tara Carr


!Do not give my work for their own!

Expansions I have installed:

*Get to work

*Outdoor retreat

*Spa day

*Luxury party stuff

*Perfect patio stuff

*Cool kitchen stuff

*Get together

*Spooky stuff

*Movie Hangout Stuff

*Romantic Garden Stuff

*Dine Out

*Kids Room Stuff

*Backyard Stuff

*City Living

*Vintage Glamour Stuff


*Bowling Night Stuff


*Fitness Stuff

*Toddler Stuff

*Cats and Dogs


Working on some new windows

Working on a new constructionset called the Richmond.

Window Richmond

100,000 downloads on my adidas pants .

Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for 100000 downloads on my adidas pants, it means alot to me that everyone enjoys them and in the future, i will continue to make more adidas styles for you all to enjoy. I also wanted to say that I was in the middle of making a new outfit, when my laptop just broke down out of nowhere. It is getting repaired now, and should be done in a week or so, but til then, I am afraid I wont be able to post anything new :( So sorry πŸ’—

Coast Sun Set

Coast Sun Set

My CC Coming Soon

 my shirt and ariana grande hair rings coming soon!!!!!



To anyone and everyone reading this, I'm so happy to announce that I've finally broken my comfort zone and started posting my work for people to enjoy and download. I've learned a lot through these last couple weeks and my work as grown tremendously from my first published home to the ones that have yet to be uploaded. I'm very optimistic to where the future leads.

I work strictly with game items only, meaning that for as of now, I won't use any custom content in my home builts [NOCC].


unicorn hair

Lost All of My CC

I'm physically ill from this, and it pisses me off. Windows just *had* to update, and so now my Sims 4 mods folder is completely empty. I'm so confused as to how it got emptied... No one ever touches this laptop except for me, and I've already checked to see if I can restore previous versions but no. I'm pissed off, sad, done and I want to know if this has happened to anyone else. Or did Windows just decide to screw me over because I am who I am? Ughhh.

Happy 2018 Everyone

Wishing Everyone At TSR A Happy new year.

Let Me First Start By My Name, Am Mpendulo But You Can Call Me A-Reece.

Love Hip-Hop Songs


Lastly, Am Addicted To TSR

My tumblr

hi everyone. I am not sure if anyone can see this, but if you do and you enjoy my work, please check out my tumblr. I post some things on there that I do not post on tsr, and vice versa. Thank you :)


Happy New Year 2018!

Hey guys!

I wanted to take a minute and wish you all the best for the New Year. It's been an awesome one with a lot of support and love that I won't forget!

I'm still around the corner, just busy at the moment with college and exams. But there will definitely be more creations to come in 2018!

What are your goals for the New Year? Something you would like to achieve? I'm being curious, tell me all :)

My Facebook Page

In case you don't know, I have a Facebook page as well.  

Laughingcrow1318 Sims 3 Houses

I post the photos and the links to my TSR page.  Please come and like the page and enjoy the pics!

Recently, I purchased Sims 3 Supernatural.  I sat and played it for awhile and turned some sims into werewolves, made a few houses and such, but what I don't get is how to cast proper spells and why the things you place in the collection cabinets don't show on the shelves?  Some things about Sims are mysteries to me.

I love the Victorian clothing!  I wish they had more of them and better skirts!  The shoes are cute too, but they don't look quite right.

Also, what's the point in having a full moon when you can turn them into werewolves any time you want to?

I'm sure that someday they will iron out all the wrinkles we complain about in future versions of the Sim games, but for now here are a list of things I wish they could fix for me on Sims 3;

1. Rabbit holes.  We should be able to walk into public buildings and see the action.

2. Infant's should not need to be constantly swaddled.  They should have pjs and blankets and diapers.  They should also be able to be bathed as they were in Sims 2.

3. Opening shops.  When your Sim opens a home store or a shop in town, you should be able to sell things and set prices like you did in Sims 2.  That was awesome fun!!

4. Ponds, your Sim should be able to swim in ponds, or at least wade or sit on the banks and dip their feet in them.

5. CC's.  When you download CC's from TSR, you should be able to place them in your uploaded houses for publishing, without making other people download them separately.  When they download your house or Sim, they should just automatically get that CC.

6. For the sake of the children who play, Woo Hoo should be an option you can mask so they can't see what's happening.  Even the suggestive movements under the covers is a bit too much in my opinion.

7. If the Sims can represent Witches, Warlocks, Werewolfs, Fairies, Muslims, and Buddhists, why not Christianity?  How about a cross for the wall, a bible, a church?

8. More modest clothing in cute styles.  How about layered tops with Peter Pan collars and V-neck sweaters/dresses?  How about properly fitting skirts, like pencil skirts or A-shaped denim skirts?  What about long jumpers (what we call over dresses in the U.S) and white T-shirts or long sleeved T's under?

I guess that's it for now.  I'm sure someone will take offense to my Christianity suggestion, but I'm also sure I'm not the first to say it.  Just realize that Christians are people too and we want to be represented just like everyone else.

Thank you for reading!  Please comment but when you do please be respectful and kind.


Hi my friends;

Δ° wish you a merry christmas and holidays and happy new year. I hope for all of you joy, peace and love...

Saliwa ♥♥♥

Saying Hello.

Hello Everyone!   I'm Asile, I did my account right now. I'm happy to share this post with you!
I hope you all had a beatiful Christmas, goodbye! 

Game Crashes Fixed

In the past few months, I received a few complaints about my stuff crashing their games!

I looked into these files several times and couldn't find anything wrong. even I redid all those items issues still not fixed.  This situation got me so frustrated. It just seemed everything out of my control and I could not do anything to correct them.

Recently by accident, I finally found out why these happened, I fixed and replaced all those problem files.  Hope these issues gone...

Anyone who has problem with my stuff feel free to download again.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Wishing all Happy New Year!



Thank you all,  for your kind and encouraged comments on my creations and your ongoing support ! I am very glade to be a part of this community and I am grateful that you appreciate my work!

hmpq home

hello, this is hmpq.welcome!

I'm a college student,hope more friends

Gale Farm Revisted

Hey guys! Since the big uninstall/reinstall has been going on, I'm finally at a point where I can start adding my builds again - starting with Gale Farm.

It's been 2 years since I submitted it here at TSR and there a few things I've been wanting to tweak and change for a while now. I didn't have the means or the skills before, but I think my desired changes can now be achieved, so I'll be working on a revised version of it. The biggest changes will be the outhouse and storm cellar.

Watch this space...

B2 x

Coast Beach Set

Coast Beach Set

December 2017 patch and Vacation time :D

Finally :D

It's summer here and we will be out of computer 🌞

If you have any question, sorry to say we will be answering them all only on mid-February.

All TSR pieces were fixed to work with December 13 patch. If you redownloaded and the problem persists we suggest you to follow one of these instructions to have all your downloads working again (please choose just 1):

1a - Go to

1b - Create a free account

1c- Download

1d- Follow this image tutorial:

How to fix using s4s



2a- Download TSRWorkshop 2.2.59 version clicking here

2b- Follow this image tutorial:

Fix using TSRW

Just one of these is enough to get your files working.

All of our SIMcredible files were updated. You can see the list of SIMcredible fixed files here.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful and Happy New Year!!! πŸŽ„πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜€


Cottage Style Mudroom Part II, Collection Folder

Happy Holidays!

An updated collection for the Cottage Style Mudroom set is now available for download at MediaFire here. I hope you enjoy the set!

Take Care,


Coast View Set

Coast View Set

Cottage Style Mudroom Part II, Dec. 15th

Hi y'all,

The Sims 3 set, Cottage Style Mudroom Part II, is scheduled for publication on December 15, 2017. The set includes 7 new meshes, a large garden sink (cloned from a pedestal sink), a utility table, soap and towels, a ladder towel rack, sink cleanser, soap rain barrel, and pig wall art.

I started this set in April 2017 and I just finished it today, lol. Real life kept me very busy this past summer and fall. I agreed to created custom, handcrafted wedding invitations and programs for a relative's wedding. They turned out great, but were alot of work.

I hope you enjoy the set! I will also upload an updated collection folder for the set at Media Fire.

Hugs and Happy Holidays!



I wish you a holiday period full of love, warmth, joy and happiness! 




Sling Sun Set

Sling Sun Set

One Year!

Today is the one year anniversary of uploading on here! 
I can't believe it has been a whole 365 day with you amazing people. 
No words can explain how grateful for each and everyone of you guys. You all make doing this something to look forward to. Seriously thank you all.
Never in a million years would I imagine being where I am today. And I owe that all to you.

Thank so much,


My First Post On TSR

Hello Everyone,

Let me start by first introducing my self.

My name is Cici Skebe Dep Dep but you can call me Lady Zamar. This is my first time of being here.

but it definitely wont be my last. Lastly am a lover of South African Music

Computer Says No!

I'm sure I'm not the first, nor will I be the last...

I just had to sell my new laptop to my dad, who was coincidentally on the lookout for a new one. Basically, Windows 10 sucks. It sucks HARD. Add to that the fact that Lenovo don't make Windows 7 drivers for this particular model and what we have is a laptop that will not run TS3. 

Every compantibility mode, every workaround out there... I tried them all. Nothing worked. I've been trying to get this damn thing to run for the past wee, but to no avail! I'm not gonna lie, there were tears. I just don't have that kind of money to be throwing around, y'know? If I buy a new laptop/phone/TV, it's because I need something a little better, not just because something new has been released and I have to have it.

The live chat on the Argos site was as useful as a chocolate teapot. "Take it to your local store," they said. This is code for "Waste your day off in our store, fighting for a refund we will never give you" according to most Argos customers on the internet who have tried to return laptops. It's not like I didn't read the spec or go through their entire Q&A section on every colour variation page for this model. In fact, the first question on there was regarding Sims and Minecraft, to which a member of the Argos team replied, "Yes, this will run those games". Lyings sacks of sh...

Anyway, as I said, daddio to the rescue. He was looking at spending roughly that amount on a new laptop and this one will be spectacular in terms of his needs - just not so much for mine. I'm back on the horrid HP laptop and back in the loving arms of Windows 7, reinstalling TS3 as we speak (which I had been planning to do anyway).

So what have we learned from this?


  • Never trust an Argos employee's technical knowledge
  • Always check the manufacturer's site for driver's if you're planning on installing a different OS
  • Never trust an Argos employee's technical knowledge
  • Avoid Windows 10 at all costs
  • Never trust an Argos employee's technical knowledge

B2 x

First Post

First Post! New Beginnings! Yay!

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