Blended: His and Hers
Published Sep 18, 2017

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Fae Donner stood at the host counter waiting impatiently for her turn. She was a little behind schedule and was readjusting the curls on the side of her hair. It was finally her turn and her voice cracked as she spoke.
Fae: Alexander, table for two.
The hostess had her wait a few more moments and motioned in the direction of the table where she was to sit.
Fae: That's alright I will go myself.
Secretly she did not want the hostess to see how nervous she was. She needed some time before approaching the table.
She looked over and saw the gentleman waiting at the table. She watched him a few more seconds and then looked at herself in her pocket mirror. She felt herself begin to perspire.
Fae: He's just a guy Fae. Like any other guy you have met.
Only this time it felt a little different. It felt weirder than the last date she had been fixed up with. He was a lot better looking than she thought he would be.
It had only been a year since her divorce had been finalized. She didn't think she was ready to date again. But at the urging of her friends and meddling sister she decided to try it again. This time it was a blind date her aunt had chosen for her. All she knew was that he was a dentist and that he would be perfect for her. Her cheeks filled with air as she let out one more deep breath. She stood up straight and shook off the nerves. She braced herself with an over exaggerated smile as she had practiced in the mirror several times before leaving her apartment. Fae: Hello.
Man: Hi.
Fae: I'm Fae.
Man: Okay.
She was a little annoyed at his less than enthusiastic response. And he didn't even offer her a seat. Fae: I'm the one you've been waiting for.
Man: Oh? Really?
Fae was growing a little more annoyed than before.
She decided to take a seat anyway.
Fae: It's nice to finally meet you. Esther told me so much about you. So how long have you lived here?
Man: Just a week? It's funny because I know nothing about you.
The waiter arrived and he ordered a water to drink before going back to her date. He on the other hand was silent as he stared at her curiously. He began to laugh and began looking around for someone else.
Fae: What? Is there something wrong?
Man: I'm sorry. Is this some kind of prank?
Fae: What?
Man: Did my assistant send you here to mess with me?
Fae: Excuse me? Your name is Bryce Alexander correct?
Man: No. My name is Alexus Zander.
Fae: You mean I sat at the wrong table.
Alexus: I guess you did.
Fae was humiliated.
Fae: Goodness. You must think I'm some crazy lady just sitting here.
Alexus: I did at first. First date?
Fae: Yes. And I'm embarrassed right now so I will get up and move.
Alexus: Well I hope you find your Mr. Alexander and it works out well. This will be a great story to tell your children how the two of you met. You sitting at a strangers table first.
Fae: Yes. Thank you.
Alexus: It was nice meeting you Fae.
Fae: You too.
She took one last look at the handsome man she met by accident. She wished he was the Bryce Alexander she was set to meet. There was something in the way he looked at her.
Alexus watched as the strange yet intriguing woman stepped away from his table. She had a natural beauty that reminded him of his wife. If only she wasn't getting ready for her own date. He watched her walk away and followed the curves of her hips sway back and forth to their own rhythm. He wanted her to look back so he could get another look at her.
Alexus: If she looks back I will see her again. If she looks back I will see her again.
She took one more look back at him. Fae walked to the other side of the restaurant and sat at the bar. Her date had not shown up yet and it was already almost 30minutes into the time they were supposed to meet. She ordered a drink. It had already been that kind of day. She left work late and had less time to get dressed for the date. She adjusted her dress and hair again. Hours later...........

Alexus was anxious to leave his dinner in hopes to see her again. But he knew it was wishful thinking. He wasn't paying much to the dinner discussion as he watched the other patrons leaving the restaurant trying to see if anyone of them were her. But nothing. He must've missed her.
Just as he was turning towards the exit he heard the familiar voice near the bar.
Fae: One more for the road please.
Alexus: So how did it go?
He was not quite ready for her response. His smile faded as their eyes met. The disappointment on her face.
Alexus: That bad.
Fae: He didn't show. I should have known. It was too soon. I should have never agreed to go on this date in the first place. She stirred the drink with her straw before sipping.
Alexus: Sorry.
Fae: It's not like you had anything to do with it.
Fae: How was your dinner?
Alexus: Good food. I wasn't a good host.
Fae: Oh.
Alexus: I had....other things on my mind.
Fae: Been there.
Alexus: I would like a redo to introduce myself. Hello, my name is Alexus Zander. But most people just call me Alex.
Fae: Fae Donner.
Alex: I know this may be taking a big chance. But would you like to get coffee or something.
Fae: Wait, are you asking me out after you just went on a date. That's a bit bold don't you think.
Zander: I was not on a date. I was actually on a business dinner.
Fae: Really?
Alex: Honest. I'm here on business and this was one of many for me.
Fae: What if we never saw each other again?
Alex: Do you plan to ask me a lot of questions before answering my one.
Fae: Well I don't know anything about you. You could be some crazy person.
Alex: Tell you what? There is an all night cafe next door. Why don't we get something to drink there and just chat for a little. You can ask me as many questions as you like and if you don't like me after tonight, you'll never have to see me again. But if you do then I get a real date.
Fae was confused. No one had ever approached her like this.
Alex: You're only losing an hour.....
He smiled again, showing his bright teeth.
Fae: I can't believe I agreed to this.
Alex: So ask away.
Fae: If you made a profile on what would it say?
Alex: 40-something year old widower and father. Always puts family first. World traveler. Ready to redefine life.
Fae: And what do you do for a living?
Alex: I represent my clients
Fae: Like a lawyer.
Alex: Kind of. But in a good way. I travel and make judgements and recommendations on their behalf.
Alex: What about you?
Fae: Divorced. Mother of one. I moved here when my husband decided he no longer wanted to be a family man.
Alex: Ouch.
Fae: This was supposed to be my first blind date and it didn't go as planned.
Alex: Well I hope you will give me a chance to turn your lemons into a good Beyonce album.
Fae laughed so loud she snorted. She covered her mouth embarrassed.
Alex: You have a wonderful laugh.
What started as just a small tea and coffee for an hour ended up being hours of talking and laughing between the both of them.
Alex: I haven't had this much fun in a long time. Is it bad that I'm a little happy your date missed out.
Fae: I guess I am glad as well.
Alex: I'm a big believer in things happening for a reason and to take every opportunity that you can when you can. So I would like to see you again. If you are okay with that?
Fae: I don't know.
Alex: You need more time? We can sit here longer if you like.
Fae: No. I have to get home. My sister will be waiting for me. She's watching my daughter.
Alex: Here is my number. I'll give you some time to decide.
They gathered their belongings and he called a personal driver to take her home. She slouched in the backseat thinking back to what just happened. This must be some dream. Surely this type of thing never happened to her only in movies. He was too good to be true. She put his number in her phone and texted him goodnight. He replied back within minutes with the same salutations.
Robyn: I can't believe you haven't called him yet.
Fae: Things like that don't happen. Not to me.
Robyn: And why not?
Fae: Well look at me.
Robyn: Look at you. You're still young, vibrant.
Fae: And overweight. I am a 30 something year old single mother who is starting her life over again trying to compete with thinner younger single ladies. Why is he interested in me?
Robyn: All the more reason to go out with him and find out. You're a beautiful person Fae, inside and out. Maybe he just sees something in you that you have yet to see in yourself.
Fae: I dropped my whole life to be the perfect wife to Richard. I was the Trophy wife. And it only took a moment for him to find someone younger with a better pedigree to decide I wasn't good enough.
Robyn: And that's why you need to get off feeling sorry for yourself and find out who you really are. You spent too much time trying to be what he wanted you to be. You did everything for him. Now it's your time.
Robyn: Do you still have his number in your phone?
Fae: Yes.
Robyn: Well if you weren't interested then why keep it? Give me your phone and I'll erase the number.
Robyn held her hand out.
Fae: I guess you're right.
Robyn: I know I am. Stop thinking about what could be and just see for yourself.
Fae Donner had a lot to worry about. She had married her college sweetheart and for 10 years was the ideal wife. When she became pregnant with their first child things changed. He began to distance himself and stay out longer. She overlooked the obvious warnings to make a new home for their new arrival. But things only got worse. It wasn't long after that he left and soon divorce papers were issued. And she was left alone to care for their newborn.
He had been seeing someone else. She was younger and from a well to do family. Depressed, Fae gained more weight and almost gave up. She had no work experience and had to start from scratch.
Luckily she had a good support of friends that stood by her and helped her get back on her feet. She had a small apartment in the city and was able to find work as a elementary school teacher. She was finally getting her life back together when friends and family began hinting of her getting back into the dating scene. Alex: I'm happy you finally called. I was beginning to worry my charm had lost its touch.
Fae: Do you use it often?
Alex: Only when I really want something.
Fae felt her cheeks begin to warm. His voice was smooth as he talked. She wondered if his lips tasted like honey or butterscotch.
Fae: I wasn't sure if you were too good to be true so I had to find out if you have some flaw.
Alex: Even a diamond has the tiniest crack.
Fae: I'm sorry. I have to know. Why me? We seem to be from completely different worlds. I only lived in two other states besides my hometown. You speak 8 languages and I can went to Spanish 3 in college.
Alex: Well if you must know. I really believe that people come into your life at the right moment. And you did for me. What was supposed to be a few days of a business deal has extended my stay for another month. So I was sitting at that table bored of the last few business trips I had been on for the past few weeks and wished something interesting would happen. And then you walked up. Beautiful. You took my very breath away. I knew it was a sign.
Fae: I'm flattered.
Alex: I'm only being honest.
Their meal was served and they began eating. It took forever for them to finish their plates as they continued talking in between the bites.
Fae: So, where is home?
Alex: A small island called Delos.
Fae: Never heard of it.
Alex: It's the smallest of three islands that make up the Manuiu Islands There are no more than 60000 people and it still has a royal family even though it is mostly run by a the government.
Fae: Amazing.
Alex: Yes. It is a wonderful place to live. You should visit me when I leave.
Fae: An invitation already. You work fast.
Alex: I have good instincts when it comes to people. I know I would like to see you again after tonight if you let me.
For the next hours Alex and Fae talked about their families. Although he was reluctant to speak about his wife, he did talk about his children. Fae was not going to push the topic of digging into his marriage as she could tell he loved his wife dearly and it was still a touchy topic.
Alex: I have to admit. I am not really good at dating. My last marriage only took two months from the time we met to the time we got married.
Fae: Two months? Well I guess you knew what you were doing since you were only married once. So let's just say, we are going to have a good time while you are here, enjoy each other's company and remain good friends when you leave. I promise to keep in touch if you will.
Alex: I think that is fair.
And that is what they did. Each night he called her and they would either talk about their day or decide to spend the evening on the town. She found him to be a great Karaoke partner. From Sonny and Cher, John and Olivia, and Diana and Lionel. She spent most of the time trying not to laugh through his silly moves to the music. For Alexus he could be himself. He didn't have to worry about being proper or who was watching him. There were no cameras or newspapers. Just him and her and he was finally able to enjoy himself. The more he was with her the more he wanted to stay a little longer and hated the fact that he was getting close to the end of the trip. Not since his late wife had he felt a longing to be with someone. Despite the many times his friends and family suggested he begin dating the more reluctant he was to start over. But now, after meeting Fae he knew why. Because none of them would be like her. Whether it was taking afternoon walks around the neighborhood. or bowling at the local lanes. every experience was like something new. And the more time they spent together, the more intense they were beginning to feel.
Fae: I'm not much of a dancer.
Alex: If you trust me, then I won't let you fall. Just let yourself go and follow my lead.
He brought her waist close to his and felt his hands fit perfectly on her lower back. It was on the dance floor that she freed herself from any hesitations and submitted to him. She felt the confidence in his eyes and kept his stare. Soon their bodies moved like one as they glided across the floor.
His steps were fluid and so smooth she didn't know if her feet were touching the ground. And in one motion he extended his arms out for a dip and slowly brought her back into him. She had a short helping of air as she was caught off guard by the quick jerk. And released it back when she relaxed again into his hold. The music stopped and although they stopped dancing they didn't stop their gaze. He didn't wait for her to say yes or no. He felt it and took a leap of faith. Closed his eyes and just kissed her. She opened her eyes back again when his lips were no longer touching hers. As a response she placed her hand on the back of his neck for another one. Alex knew that the most important person to Fae was her daughter. So after many times of asking, Fae finally let them meet.
Fae: Alexus this is Cicily. Cicily meet Alex.
At first the little one clung to her mother shyly hiding her face in her tiny hand.
But before the afternoon was over, Alex had won over the toddler. Even letting him place her on top of his shoulders as they walked through the city. Alex watched the mother and daughter interact with each other. He smiled seeing how nurturing she was to Cicily. It was the little things from the way she talked to the toddler or nuzzled her nose on the little girls cheek to make her laugh. He took a few pictures of them with his phone.
Alex: I'm going to save this one as your profile. It captures the natural mother in you.
At the end of the month.......................

Alex: So now that everything is final I'll be leaving soon. I can't compare this past month to anything else I have experienced. And I owe it all to you Fae.
Fae: No. You've done more for me than you think. For the first time in a long time, I have felt, I felt good. No more am I second guessing my worth or if I can get out there and date again.
Alex: I meant what I said. I want you to come visit me.
He slid a small envelope on the table to her.
Alex: It's a round trip voucher for you to come to the island. I don't care if it's for a few days or weeks.
Fae: I can't take this.
Alex: Please. Before I met you, i had been filling my days with anything just to not think about what I've lost. But now, now everything seems so different. So from one friend to another, take this as an early birthday gift for when you just want to get out of town.
Fae looked at the envelope again and placed it in her bag.
Fae: So what do you want to do your last weekend in town?
He thought for a moment and smiled as the many thoughts came to mind.
The next morning, Alexus spent time with Fae and Cicily at the playground. Alexus: This is going to be the hardest night for me.
Fae: Why do you say that?
Alexus: Because I know I'm leaving. I worked the entire time I was here but you made it feel like a vacation.
They ended their last night together dancing the night away. And when their night was came to it's finale they sealed their goodbyes with another powerful kiss under the stars. By now it had been a few weeks since Alexus had been gone. He called as soon as he landed and so far life had went back to normalcy. But when there was quiet and no distractions, Fae could not help but think about him and wondering if he was doing the same. She missed him and often stared at the envelope that was now sitting on her dresser. Each time they talked on the phone he would remind her of the plane ticket and the open invitation to come and see him and his family on the other side of the world. But with her many obligations she could not. So they continued talking and emailing over the next month. Finally school ended and Fae sat trying to decide what to do with her time.
Fae: You know what Cicily? I think it's time that you and mommy go on vacation.

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Yay! Another story, can't wait until the next part!

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Amazing as usual! As I always say, better than TV! Loved it and can't wait for the next chapter! \:\) \:rah\:

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This story is awesome and I cannot wait to see how it develops, keep up the good writing!

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