Thicker than Water 2
Published Sep 26, 2016

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The next morning everyone sat at the table as Lola finished preparing breakfast.
Lilith: So you are my auntie and I have never met you? Why?
Guy: She's been away at school baby girl.
Kaye: I went to an all girls school and when I finished I went to college.
Lilith: We still should have come to visit you. Right daddy?
Guy: Right baby. We should have.
Lola: It is so great to have you with us now. I never had a sister so this will be just like it....without the sibling rivalry. All your brother does is talk about his baby sister.
Kaye: So how is the wedding planning?
Lola: There is still so much to do with the wedding months away. I still have to pick dresses, find a venue, food, music blah, blah, blah.
Guy: As long as I get to sample the food, you can pick everything else.
Lola laughed: Your brother is never any help.
Guy: I write the checks. That is plenty.
Kaye: So I have some good news. After you talked to me about coming here for the wedding I decided it a sign that I was doing the right thing. I applied to go to Sim State and I just got accepted for the spring.
Guy: Wait. But you're going to SimU.
Kaye: I know. I've spent majority of my life being so far away from you all. But now, now I can see you more often. Sim State is only 30minutes away. I can live here just for a little until I get my own place. I'm going to take a few classes in the summer so I won't be far behind. I can even get a job working with you.
Guy took a massive gulp of juice.
Guy:You mean work, where I work?
Kaye: yeah.
Lola: I think it is a wonderful thing. All Guy does is talk about how proud he is of you. Going to college, getting a career in physical therapy. This will be so good to have you close to us now.
Guy pinched Lola on the side of her leg but she did not break her smile. Instead she gave him a small look and went back to talk.
Lola: You know I need a little help at the Salon. Maybe you can help me at the desk or something.
Kaye: That would be great.
Guy released a quiet breath.
Lola: In the meantime you can help me with the wedding. I could use a little more estrogen. Sometimes I think I should have hired a wedding planner but then I don't want someone to ruin my vision. Would you be my maid of honor?
Kaye: Really? I've never been part of a wedding. I've gone to plenty.
Lola: Great. Then you can give me all the do's and don'ts. Whatever was tacky, we will do the opposite. Your brother wants city chic but I like it small and simple.
Lola: Today I was thinking that we could have a girls day with shopping.
Guy: I have some things to do at work. I'll just meet you all around dinner.
Kaye: Dinner? Is it going to take that long.
Guy: With Lola, this could be days.
Lola: I'm going to ignore that. Come on Kaye. It will be great. We can go downtown to all the boutiques. If you're going to live here you might as well dress like you're from here.
Kaye: Well I was going to sit back and read a few chapters in my book but I guess shopping wouldn't be so bad.
Lola: Great.
She looked over to Guy sweetly.
Guy: I guess this means you want some money.
Lola: Just a little. A pinch would be fine.
He reached over to pinch her arm only for her to move away laughing. She smiled and Guy knew exactly what she was hinting on. He laughed to himself before going into his wallet to give her a few bills.
Kaye and Lilith helped put the dishes away and left Lola and Guy in the kitchen together.
Guy: Thanks for saving me back there.
Lola: I don't understand why you are not honest with your sister about all this.
Guy: I told you, l will tell her when the time is right. But not now.
Lola: You can't keep her away for long.
Guy: I have this long. What's a few more years?
Markus: What up G?
Guy: Hey, what are you doing here?
Markus: Uh, cuz you told me to, remember. We have to go over the takeover next week.
Guy: Right, right. Between my sister coming, this wedding, and all this I don't know where my head is.
Markus: Better you than me.
Markus: Well we need to get down to business. The Don wants everything quick and no fuss.
Guy: Yeah I know. Why you think I'm here now trying to figure this stuff out.
Markus: I still say there's nothing wrong with a little persuasion. You know. A strong hand of encouragement.
Guy: I do know, and this time we are going to handle things legit. No mess.
Markus quieted down.
Markus: I still can't get over. Guy Faison has a sister. I always saw you as this loner. But I don't know. How come you've never mentioned her before this?
Guy: There are very few things that are still pure in this world. And Kaye is one of them. I did what I had to keep to keep her that way. Even if that meant me staying away. But now she's here.
Markus: What ever man. Your sister is family and if you did a lot to put a good head on her shoulders then she will stay that way. She's nice, she's beautiful.
Guy: That's enough. I don't want to talk about her anymore. She's a good girl and she's going to stay that way. I'm not going to let anyone, ANYONE mess that up. She has a future, away from all this.
His words were short and sharp. Markus knew what he meant even with the few words he spoke.
This was the Guy he knew.
Markus: Yeah. Sure boss. I'll just wait out there. Let me know when you are ready to meet.
Guy: You do that.
The girls entered the boutique. The sales lady greeted Lola with two air kisses on the cheek. She waved at Kaye and Lilith before returning to another customer.
Kaye: You must be famous.
Lilith: She is. We come here every month. Mommy likes her clothes. I like the free candy.
Lola: I love boutiques. You can't find their clothes anywhere else in town. And they always treat you with care.
Lola began looking over the racks of clothes.
Lola: What size are you?
Kaye: 8
Lola: I remember that size. I haven't been there since before Lil. But I wouldn't change this figure for nothing baby.
Lola went in to the dressing room with a few items and came out in one.
Lola: I'm definitely wearing this one.
Kaye: It's pretty.
Lola: Yep. I love the color pink. Now it's your turn.
Lola kept throwing outfits into the dressing room for Kaye. Kaye finally opened the door and walked into the main area. She stood in front of the mirror.
Lola: Divine. Just divine.
Kaye: Are you sure about this? It feels a little close to the skin.
Lola: It's supposed to. And the color is the right kiss for your skin tone.
Kaye looked at herself once more.
Kaye: It is pretty.
Lola: I knew it.
Kaye was always conservative in her attire. But she felt confident in the dress.
Lola: Are you ready to try on more?
Kaye: Bring it on.
Later that evening-------------------------------------

Guy: So where's Kaye? You didn't scare her away did you?
Lola: No. She's in the restroom freshening up.
Guy: You didn't leave the house with that outfit, so it means shopping went well.
Lola: It did. There were a few things we decided to wear out and show you. You like?
Guy: There is nothing about you I don't like. (he winked)
Guy resumed back to his menu. He looked up from his table when he thought he heard the waiter approaching. But it was not the waiter. His small smile vanished and he was not happy. Kaye walked confidently to the table to join the group. Her dress hugged her body showcasing her curvy figure. She sat daintily with her family.
Lola: What do you think? She really liked this one so much she wanted to wear it.
Guy had not responded. He was too busy eyeing all the other men he saw looking at her.
Lilith: I think she looks divine.
Lola: Exactly baby girl.
Guy scoffed: I think she needs a jacket. Aren't you cold?
Lola gave Guy a quick glare, her eyes narrowing at him. He knew that look. He leaned back in his seat, releasing the tension in his jaws.
Kaye: You don't like it?
Guy looked to Lola before answering. Her eyes widened and her head slightly tilted.
Guy: You are always beautiful Kaye. I would like you to stay who you are without changing.
Lola rolled her eyes.
Kaye: Well I don't think I changed that much. And thanks for the compliment.
Guy didn't say anything else until the food was brought to the table. Meanwhile, the girls were talking about more wedding tasks and everything Lola had left on her list.
Lola: It's so good to have someone else to share all this with. I need a little girl time every now and then. And the company wives are no good. Full of gossipers and wondering why it took so long for us to marry in the first place.
Guy: You wouldn't say yes.
For the days that followed Kaye and Lola went to shops trying to find her the perfect dress.
Lola: I don't know. It looks too old for me. LIke something a woman would wear on her 2nd or 3rd marriage. What do you think?
Kaye: I agree. So I have to ask? Does Guy work with any single men?
Lola: Single men? Why? Are you looking? You don't have anyone special back home?
Kaye: I did. But he turned out to not be the one. There was no spark. We only dated for a month anyway.
Lola continued to try on another dress.
Lola: So you're looking not be single anymore?
Kaye: It wouldn't hurt. What about Markus?
Lola: Markus? Oh no! Not Markus.
Kaye: I thought he was nice. He's cute.
Lola: He is. But he's everyone's type. If you know what I mean.
Kaye: No.
Lola: He loves women. He can't be tied down. He likes his freedom too much. The only person that truly has his heart is himself. Don't get me wrong, he treats his girls nice. But once he's bored, there are tears for days.
Kaye: Oh. Then not Markus.
Lola: When the right one comes along you will know.
Photographer: Okay Lola look deeply in his eyes. Thanks Hun.
Guy: So what are you and Kaye up to this week?
Lola: Well after these wedding announcement photos. We're going to work on the flowers.
Guy: Lilies of course.
Lola: The flowers you gave me on our first date.
Guy: How is my sister doing?
Lola: You mean if I am keeping her entertained then yes. She is wonderful. She's been a great help for me and everything.
Photographer: Okay, next pose.
Guy: I will be going out of town for a few days. To get the other deals going.
Lola: I always worry when you go on these trips.
Guy: This time is different. No mess. I'll be home in a week.
Lola: I'll keep everything in order while you are gone.
Guy: As always.
He wrapped his arms around her waist kissing the side of her head.
Guy: You and Lilith are the best things to ever happen to someone like me. I don't know what I would do without you two.
Lola: Be alone.
Guy: Cute. I love you.
Lola: And I you.
The next few days Guy stepped in to help Lola with wedding plans. Since he was leaving for a week he wanted to make sure he had an opinion in the important parts of the wedding. Specifically the food.
Lola: You have the worst sweet tooth.
Guy took another bite and licked the fork as the last morsel left the plate.
What would have been an hour appointment turned into more because Guy couldn't choose between the five different slices. Lola knew he just wanted another reason to eat cake. Meanwhile......
Kaye: What are you guys up to?
Lilith: Watching television. It's too hot outside to play. Aunt Kaye these are my friends Dino and Banna. They are cousins.
Kaye: Nice to meet you.
The kids barely looked up from the tv but smiled.
Kaye: So what else do you do after school?
Lilith: I have ballet on Thursday and soccer on Monday and Wednesday. So today I get a break to relax.
Kaye: I get the hint. What about ice cream after dinner?
Lilith: I'd like that very much.
Kaye knew that would get her to move but still nothing. All their attention was on the television.
Kaye looked at her watch. She looked around the house again. Guy sent her another text saying they would be back in a few more hours. She grabbed a set of keys.
Kaye: I'll be back.
Lilith: Okay!
Markus was across town at the Fitness center. It was the best way to cure a night of over indulgence. He had to get so much done before leaving with Guy. He didn't like these trips because there was little action on his end. But he knew Guy was grooming him to one day get to his level. After another hour he jumped into the pool. It was cool and soothing. The water helped massage all the muscles he had used previously. It was quiet in the room, just the way he liked it. Kaye: Hello!
The sound startled him and he Markus looked up.
Kaye: Hi.
Markus: Hey. What are you up to?
Kaye: I wanted to take a swim. The internet said this was the closest pool to the house. But when I came it said it was reserved for a private party. How did you get in?
Markus: I'm the private party. I do this 2 to 3 times in the evening.
Kaye: I see.
Markus: I like the peace and quiet.
Kaye: I get the hint.
Markus: No, no! You can stay.
Kaye: Are you sure? It's okay if you want to be alone.
Markus: No. I've been here for a while. I just do it so I don't get interrupted.
Kaye: You like being alone don't you.
Markus: Only when it counts.
Kaye dipped into the water.
Kaye: This is nice.
Markus: I know right.
Kaye: So, long have you known my brother.
Markus: As long as I can remember. He saved me when I was a teenager. Took me out of a rough spot. Showed me the ropes and now here I am. I'd like to say he's been like an older brother to me. He and Lola took care of me.
Kaye: Lola is really nice.
Markus: Yeah. She's put up with me over the years. Let's me sleep in the guest room when I've had a rough night.
Kaye: You don't seem like you have those.
Markus: Looks can be deceiving. I have a few here and there. So how are you liking the Valley.
Kaye: Great. I've been helping Lola with the wedding and she's been a great tour guide. I feel like I know more about this place in the week that I've been here.
Markus: You still need a small taste of the nightlife. Go out and get to the clubs.
Kaye: I don't know.
Markus: Don't knock it until you try it. Can you dance?
Kaye: Yes. Maybe. Maybe you can take me.
Markus: Naw. Your brother wouldn't like that.
Kaye: But you're like family. You said he is like an older brother.
Markus: Let's just say it's better if you ask Lola to take you for a night. A girls night.
Kaye: Okay. Well maybe we can plan a night for all of us to go out.
Markus: Maybe...I'll check my calendar.
Kaye smiled and Markus found himself smiling again at her.

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