Thicker than Water 3
Published Nov 13, 2016

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Lola: I'm just glad you are back from those trips.
Guy: I told you it was going to be easy. Didn't even take the entire week this time. We were in and out. Made a lot of money for the Don and now I'm taking a short vacation with you and my baby. How is the wedding planning coming along?
Lola: Perfect. We have almost everything done. Kaye is an angel.
Guy: Good, good. And is she still trying to come here for college.
Lola: You and your sister are just alike. Once she sets her mind to something there is no changing it.
Guy: We get that from dad. I wish they could see her now. They would be proud.
Lola: And of you too. You helped her.
Guy: I promised them I would no matter what. I know it may not have been the best way but it was the only way I could.
Lola: You can be so wonderful at times. When you're not trying to be tough.
Guy: Only you bring that out of me.
She leaned more into his embrace and kissed him.
Lola: I can stay like this forever.
Guy: Then let's just do that.
He nuzzled her neck making her laugh to his touch.
Guy: So where is Kaye now? I haven't seen her since I got back.
Lola: She's been hanging at the gym lately. She has a membership now.
Guy: Good. There is something else for her to do.
Lola: Maybe she can meet someone.
Guy: Out of the question. My sister doesn't have time to date.
The next morning Guy woke up later than usual. His plate of breakfast was already set on the counter by Lola. As he entered the kitchen he could hear the two of them snickering and laughing. Their voices were just above a hush as he joined them at the table. He didn't say anything but he had a small idea of what they were talking about. Women stuff. Moments later Markus came from the guest room and grabbed a plate as well.
Markus: Morning.
Lola: Markus. I didn't realize you were here.
Markus: I had a rough night. I was no good getting home so Guy brought me here.
Guy: He's trying to avoid Viv.
Lola: Viv? I thought you were done with her months ago.
Markus: I was. But it's hard telling her that.
Lola turned to Kaye who was looking a bit confused.
Lola: Viv is crazy. She is so in love with Markus.
Markus: Lust
Lola: Lust with him. She follows him, text, name it. She even showed up unannounced at his apartment one night and sat at his door until he came home.
Markus: The only place she won't come is here. I think she's afraid of Lola.
Lola: And she should be. I told her to leave you alone when you left her for Nadine.
Kaye: All that for a man?
Markus put his fork down.
Kaye: No offense. I just don't get what makes someone do those things. You said it's only lust.
Markus nodded his head and went back to eating.
Kaye: All I'm saying is that if you are clearly not interested she should just get the hint.
Markus: Try telling her that. I've been there and done that. But she thinks she can fix me. I told her, I'm not the one and only type.
Kaye: Well maybe you need to explain it better. Stop going back to her when you need something.
Markus: You're too young to understand.
Kaye: I've dated before.
Guy dropped his fork this time.
Kaye: Oh come on, I'm 19. There were school dances, trips, outings, you couldn't possibly think I did that alone.
Lola: Your brother just has a hard problem of seeing you as anything other than his baby sister.
Guy: Not true. I just don't want to hear about what happened when I wasn't around.
Kaye: I will make sure not to mention it in front of you.
There was a small silence as they continued to eat. Kaye and Lola kept giving each other the eye and smiling silly. There was something they wanted to say but didn't.
Guy: What is it?
Kaye: Well I'm going on a date tomorrow.
Guy: What? With who?
Kaye: I met him at the gym. His name is Larry. He's one of the fitness instructors. He's really nice.
Guy: But you haven't been here that long. You need to be careful about people who hang out at the gym. They are just trying to find pretty girls to sink their teeth in.
Kaye: He's not a vampire. Besides, Markus hangs at the gym.
Guy: Exactly.
Markus: Seriously G?
Kaye and Lola laughed.
Kaye: I love you. But I'm a big girl. I will be alright. Besides we're only going for coffee. Nothing too extravagant. It will be in a public place and if time permits we'll walk over to the movies across the street.
Guy clinched his fork tighter. Kaye excused herself from the table. Before leaving, she kissed her brother on top of his head.
Kaye: Don't worry.
Guy: This is your fault.
Lola: My fault.
Guy: Dressing her up and letting her get that gym membership.
Lola: Your sister is a big girl. I didn't make her do anything. I think Larry sounds nice.
Guy: So you knew about this?
Lola: Of course. She tells me everything. I told her to accept.
Guy: You did what?
Lola laughed and left the kitchen as well.
Guy: I need a favor.
Markus: I know, I know. You want me to watch your sister.
Guy: Right. She wouldn't expect you. But if it is me she will have a fit and Lola would never forgive me.
Markus: Don't worry I got you. I'll make sure everything is on the ups with this guy.
The following evening------------------------------------------------
Nadine: I still don't understand why we are here instead of the movies.
Markus: Look. I promised Guy I would check on some things.
Nadine: Here? It doesn't seem like the type of place that he would send you.
Markus: It will only take a moment. Just wait here.
Nadine folded her arms. She was bored and impatient.
Markus: I'll make it up to you.
Nadine: 5 minutes.
Markus: Fine.
Nadine: Can I at least wait inside?
Markus: Just here. I'll come get you when I'm done.
Markus searched the coffee shop and finally found Kaye sitting by herself upstairs. She was looking at her phone. At first he wanted to just act as if he was never there and leave. But he couldn't. He wanted to make sure everything was okay. He slowly walked towards her appearing to be looking for something else. He caught her attention.
Markus: Kaye?
Kaye: Markus! Hi. What are you doing here?
Markus: Just picking up a bite to eat. You?
Kaye: Waiting on my date.
Markus: I forgot you talked about meeting some guy today. Is it here? Where is he? I hope I'm not interrupting.
Kaye: No, he called to say he was running late from a client. So I'm myself
Markus: Well you shouldn't be here alone.
Kaye: I'm fine. He's only a few minutes late anyway. Do you think you can keep me company...I just don't want to look silly.
Markus looked at his watch. He continued to talk to Kaye. He became so lost in their conversation he forgot about time.
Nadine: Markus?
Markus: Nadine.
Nadine: You said 5 minutes. Is this why I had to wait? For this?
Markus: This is Kaye Faison. Guy's little sister.
Nadine: Okay...and......
Kaye: Sorry. We just saw each other up here. This wasn't planned. I'm actually waiting on my date.
Nadine: Sure you are.
Markus: She is. She just asked if I would wait with her.
Nadine: So now you're a good samaritan. I'm hungry and the movie is about to start.
It took a lot from Markus not to lose his temper in front of Kaye. Instead he nodded to her and walked out with Nadine following behind him.
Within seconds her date had finally arrived.
Date: I hope I didn't have you waiting long.
Kaye: No. You came just in time.
For the days that followed Markus kept to his usual routine of working out and going to work. While alone in his thoughts he couldn't help thinking about Kaye and her date. It annoyed him that Nadine just showed up and embarrassed him. And that she had the nerve to act the way she did. He was also annoyed that Kaye's date left her sitting alone because he was running late. What kind of guy would do something like that. She was too nice of a person to just leave by herself. Markus wondered how her date went and if she planned to see him again. He shamed himself for hoping it did not. The next day Kaye took Lilith to visit her mom at her salon. It smelled of fresh lavendar, vanilla, and honey. There were chimes playing the background. Lola had been keeping Kaye busy with the wedding that she never had the time to come visit until today.
Kaye: This is nice.
Lilith: I love it here. Mom let's me get my nails painted.
Lola: Kaye. I'm glad you came.
Kaye: I can't believe you own this.
Lola: I co-own it. My partner is more business savy while I am the people person.
Kaye: So you called. Did you need me to run more errands.
Lola: No. I kind of felt bad that I have been taking all your free time. You're supposed to be our guest and I've had you doing all the dirty work for the wedding.
Kaye: I don't mind at all. It keeps me busy.
Lola: Yes. But I wanted to thank you. So I've arranged for just a little something.
Kaye: Really?
Lola: Yep.
Kaye hugged Lola.
Kaye: So where do I begin?
Lola led her to an empty chair where she was greeted by Rick, the masseuse.
Lola: He's one of the best on staff. He will start small since this is your first time. Then when you are ready we will go for the full thing. In the meantime enjoy.
Kaye laid back in the chair and presented her feet to him. He complimented her on how delicate her feet were.
Kaye: Thank you.
Rick: The beauty in your feet matches the beauty in your face.
Kaye: Are you trying to hit on me.
Rick: Only if it is working.
Kaye gave a flirtatious smile.
Kaye: I'll let you know later.
Markus arrived early in the night to the Faison home. He rang the doorbell but no one answered. He looked at his watched annoyed that no one was home. He grabbed his phone and called Guy but the voicemail came on. Finally the door opened. Kaye: Hi
Markus: Hey. Guy home?
Kaye: No. He's still out with Lola.
Markus: Great.
Kaye: Is there something wrong.
Markus: Just work. I wanted to talk to him about some things. My phone battery is low so I didn't think to call first.
Kaye: Well you can come in. He might be back soon.
He followed her inside.
Markus: So how did the date go the other night.
Kaye: Okay. He was more into himself than he was about me. And when he didn't talk about himself he seemed so elementary. All muscles and no brain.
Markus: Sorry to hear that.
Kaye: Really. I'd thought you'd be delighted seeing that my brother sent you to spy on me.
Markus: What? No
Kaye laughed.
Kaye: You two are ridiculous. Lola told me.
Markus: I wasn't spying. I was just checking up on you.
Kaye: Yeah well you can believe I'm not seeing him again. Besides there are plenty of fish in the sea.
Markus: So what are you up to tonight? Studying?
Kaye: Actually I was trying to decide on whether or not I should see a movie. I've been wanting to see this new zombie movie but Guy is the only one that is into scarey movies like me.
Markus: I love scarey movies.
Kaye: Seriously?
Markus:The gorey the better. Of course I prefer old school to the new stuff. Better acting, better suspense.
Kaye: I never thought of you as a horror film. Okay let's go.
Markus: What?
Moments later............

Both Markus and Kaye jumped when the zombie grabbed for the woman.
Markus: Whoa.
Kaye: Is it over?
Markus: I did not see that coming.
Kaye: Is it over?
Markus: Yep.
Markus: I thought you said you like scarey movies.
Kaye: I do. I love them all.
Markus: I can't believe you talked me into seeing this.
Kaye: I needed someone to see it with. Someone I can hide under when it gets too much.
Markus: So you used me?
Kaye: Don't take it personal.
Markus: First time a woman has ever said that she uses me. I'm almost hurt.
Kaye: Almost.
She grabbed another handful of popcorn from the bag in his lap.
Kaye: So is it true about you? Or is it just hype?
Markus: That depends on who and what they are saying.
Kaye: That you are this big time playboy that has commitment issues.
Markus: I wouldn't say I have commitment issues. I just like my space.
Markus: I'm too young to be tied down. So I have set rules that I live by. It helps so that my ladies don't get confused and think there is going to be anything more.
Kaye: I see. So you're looking out for their best interest.
Markus: Exactly. I'm always honest with them from the beginning. This way no one gets hurt.
Kaye: What are these rules?
Markus: Nothing much. Just simple ones. No sleep overs, no leaving personal items. No asking about the future or family goals.
Kaye: There are alot of nos. Are there any yes things.
Markus: Yes to always keeping them happy.
Kaye: You are so considerate.
Markus: I can hear the sarcasm in your voice but it's okay. Most women think I'm a jerk at first but in the end, they stick around. Some think I will change while others like the thrill of it.
Kaye: And what about Nadine?
Markus: She's a little different. I've known Nadine since we were young. Just recently have we decided to have a relationship. But it's more casual.
Kaye: I can't say I agree with your ways but I can respect your way of thinking. I like commitment, honesty and trust.
Markus: I believe in all those things. It's just not for me. Maybe when I'm 50 and all the hunt is out of me.
Kaye laughed: I can't wait to see who you will end up with by then.
Markus: Me too.
Lola: Penny for your thoughts.
Guy: I'm good. Just have a lot of things on my mind. You, my sister, the wedding. I just got a call from the Don.
Lola: Oh.
Guy: He wants to branch out and begin taking over the east region. And he wants me to stay behind and run this one.
Lola: You mean.
Guy: Yep. Be the new Don. But still working under him.
Lola: And what do you want?
Guy: I thought in about 3 years I would be making enough money to get out of the game completely but now. Now this. I wanted to soon turn legit. Make a living the right way. Lilith is getting older and smarter. You think we are going to be able to keep her away from knowing? And now Kaye is here....
Lola: You don't worry about the family. That's why I am here. So things have changed a bit. It always does and we always get through it. Whatever you decide I will be at your side. For better or for worse.
Guy slid his arm around Lola, bringing her to lap.
Guy: How am I so lucky.
He kissed her neck, making her laugh.

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