Thicker than Water 4
Published Jan 29, 2017

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Markus sat at the table staring at Nadine as she eyed the menu. She had complained the entire way about his choice of dining because she hated the greasy food and the fact that there was a lack of food that she wanted to eat.
He remembered his movie night with Kaye and how she had no problem sharing the nachos and popcorn he bought for them.
Nadine's face twisted as she tried to find a less fattening option.
Nadine: I don't know why you love this place. A nice bistro or cafe wouldn't hurt.
Markus: Don't you just want to order a fat burger?
Nadine: Of course not. What about the cows it took to make it.
Markus: And the leather for your expensive purse?
Nadine: That's different. I'd rather wear it than eat it.
Markus laughed to himself.
The door opened to the library and Kaye looked up from the help desk. She smiled instantly and when the patron walked further in, her smile got bigger.
Kaye: Can I help you sir?
Markus: Don't you think you're taking this school girl thing to the extreme?
Kaye: Funny, I didn't peg you for the library type. There are barely any women to pick up here.
Markus: Funny. I was actually across the street when I noticed a familiar face in the window. You work here now?
Kaye: Part time. Since I started back school I figured I should work somewhere that would help me in classes.
Markus: Ah! I was beginning to think you hated working for Lola.
Kaye: No. I hated leaving but I needed to focus more on my classes. I figured this would help.
Markus palms began to sweat. Standing there in front of her he was beginning to lose his cool. He straightened his shirt.
Markus: Well I definitely wanted to thank you for the movies the other night. It's been a while since I seen a movie i actually liked.
Kaye: Sorry I dug my nails in your arm.
He rubbed his arm remembering the sensation embrace wrapped around him.
Markus: I had worse.
Kaye: So that's all you wanted? Or did my brother send you here to check on me again.
Markus: Honestly this time he did not. I didn't even know you worked here. But now that I do I might stop in a little more. For the books I mean.
Kaye: Okay. You do that.
He wanted to say more but couldn't get the right words together. He felt like he was 14 all over again trying to learn how to talk to a girl. He was much smoother than this. Besides, it was only Kaye. Guy's baby sister.
Before he could say anything else another customer came to the desk and asked for help finding a book. She excused herself and went to help them.
That weekend Guy decided to take Lola out for the first time in weeks. She had been so busy planning for the wedding that she hadn't really taken time out to have fun again. They drove into the city and into all the bars and clubs.
Being big man on east side meant special perks. They never had to wait in line and everyone treated him and his entourage with respect.
Lola wanted to go to Purple Haze, one of the latest clubs. It was the best place to rub elbows with the who's who of the town. And like all of the others night clubs before, it only took a smile for Guy to take her there as well.
As the doorman let them in, there were people near the entrance that greeted the couple. A few ladies air kissed Lola and some men nodded respect to Guy.
Guy was not much of a dancer but he knew enough to glide across the dance floor with Lola. The music changed and he motioned for the waitress to come and take their order. As people danced on the floor he saw that he and Lola were not the familiar faces at the club. Guy: Kaye? What is she doing here?
Lola: Dancing obviously. Having a good time as she should be.
Guy: But it's a school night.
Lola: And? She's a big girl.
Guy: Well who is she with? And why is she dressed like that?
Lola: She's fine.
Guy: Something tells me you know more than you're saying.
Lola: She's out. We're out. So what?
Guy: So? Am I the only one concerned about my sister out at 3am, dressed like that at a club by herself.
Lola: I don't think she's by herself.
Guy: So you do know!
Lola: I didn't know she would be here otherwise I would have never asked you to bring me. Now let's have fun.
Guy stopped dancing to continue watching Kaye who had no idea her brother and his crew were at the same place. He saw another clubber reach for her hand and bring her closer to him. He whispered something in her ear that made her giggle and she pulled away.
Guy could feel himself become heated. Who was the random boy with his hands all over his sister.
By now Markus had also followed Guy's stare and began watching Kaye and her male companion. He could tell that look in the male's eyes. He has that same look when he is trying to get more than a kiss from his ladies. He could read the expression on Guy's face and knew that something was about to go down. The music continued to fill the room but Guy no longer cared about everyone else in the room. He leaned over to Markus who had joined him and Lola.
Guy: Who is this jerk?
Markus: Don't know. But he looks familiar.
Guy: I don't like him with Kaye.
Markus: Easy G. They're just dancing. If it gets bad we'll step in. Right now he's harmless.
Guy could feel his body getting hotter with each moment he watched his sister laughing and touched by this guy. It was hard to admit but Markus too felt himself getting upset but for different reasons.
The more Guy watched, the more upset he was getting. Not even Lola could distract him long enough to focus on the fun they would be having.
Lola: Fine. I am going to go with Tasha to the ladies room. But when I get back I want to leave. This is no fun watching your sister have a good time.
She walked away with a few other ladies that joined the group club hopping. The music changed tempo.
Guy grunted as he watched his sister being groped. The man's hands were rubbing her sides and moved his way down to her waist. He cupped her bottom in his hands. She giggled flirtatiously before moving his hand back to her hips only for him to slowly move them back. He began whispering more in her ear.
That was it. Guy wasn't going to be humiliated in front of his entourage. He had to react.
It was as if Markus was reading his mind. Before Guy looked over to them, Markus was already moving over to the couple on the dance floor. He didn't like Kaye being treated as if she was just any girl. Within seconds the couple was surrounded by Guy and his goons. Kaye was confused about what was going on until they parted and she locked eyes with Guy and Markus.
Kaye: Oh no.
Greg: What is this?
Kaye: I just want to apologize ahead of time
Greg: I thought you didn't have a boyfriend.
Guy: I'm her brother. And I don't like what I see.
Greg: Sorry bro. But I'm on a date and I'd appreciate if you left us alone.
Guy: You what?
Kaye: Guy please. I'm trying to have fun.
Guy: I'm happy for you dude, but she is not going to be joining you tonight?
Greg: Excuse me. Look bro-
Guy: No you look..bro! I only speak once and obviously my words are not getting through to you.
With a small notion the rest of his entourage came between the couple pulling Greg away from Kaye.
He grabbed his sister's arm and took her across the dance floor to another side of the club.
As if the Dj knew exactly what was happening, he began to play the music loudly and more intense. This brought the attention of the partygoers away from the chaos that was about to happen and back to having a good time. Markus: I would suggest that for the sake of keeping your body able you stay away from Ms. Kaye. Otherwise we will have to go to much more drastic measures to make you understand. Are we clear.
Greg was dazed from the hit. He didn't know why or how he got on the ground but he was surrounded by men looking over him. He picked himself up as Markus rolled his sleeves back to his wrist.
Greg: Yeah man.
Markus: Good. Now, please escort him out.
Kaye: I cannot believe you did that. I am so embarrassed. You can't just come in here pushing people around like some gangster.
Guy: I did it for you own good. That dude was touching all over you.
Kaye: So. I knew how to handle him.
Guy: Did you? Because from what I could see-
Kaye: Were you watching me this whole time?
Guy was getting frustrated trying to talk to his sister.
Kaye: I never asked you to fight for me. I was having a good time and you ruined it.
Guy: Kaye.
Kaye: Stop! I was good on my own Guy. I don't need a father and I am not some little girl. I'm a woman Guy. I go on dates and I don't need your permission to pick and choose who I go out with.
Guy: You have no idea what the streets are like in the city. You barely knew who you were messing with. Some punk rubbing all over you and you are getting upset with me for protecting you. I let you stay here to get an education not run around with hoods like that.
Kaye: Who says I didn't know him. Maybe I like a little of the dangerous.
Guy: Watch it Kaye. You're going to far.
Guy: Go home.
Kaye: Or what Guy. What are you going to do to me that you haven't already done. I can't even show my face around here. So embarrassing.
Guy: I'm done talking Kaye.
Markus: Everything good Guy?
Guy: Take her home.
Kaye: I'm not ready.
Guy: Yes you are.
Guy left the two of them to retrieve Lola who was now looking for him.
Markus reached his hand out in her direction. But instead of taking it she lowered her head and walked past him and through the crowd.
Once outside the valet was waiting with the car door open. She sat in the front arms folded. She was quiet the entire ride home. She didn't look at Markus. Instead she just stared out the passenger window trying to fight back the tears. Once inside the house she dropped everything at the door throwing her boots on the floor.
Markus followed her in.
Markus: Having a temper tantrum does not help your cause of saying you're an adult.
Kaye: It's not funny. I was having a good time until you all showed up. I mean who does my brother think he is.
Markus: He cares about you Kaye.
Kaye: Well he has a funny way of showing it. Does everyone does what he says?
Markus: What?
Kaye: Don't think I didn't notice how he just waved a hand and everyone did what he wanted. Even you, you drove me home like he told you. I don't understand this control he has over everyone but he is not going to control me. I'm his sister but I'm not a baby.
Markus: You're pouting.
Kaye: It's not funny Markus. And the way he talked about Greg. Called him a hood. He doesn't know him.
Markus: And you do.
Kaye: Well I knew enough. He was nice to me.
Markus: Some guy putting his hands on you like that is not nice. Guys like that only want one thing.
Kaye: And you knew?
Markus: I'm a man. Of course I know. I could see the way he looked at you.
Kaye: There is nothing wrong with being wanted.
Markus: And once he got what he wanted he would be on to the next one.
Kaye, you need more than just some Joe that comes around for a fling. You deserve more than that.
Kaye: Since when did you become a philosopher of what women need. You said it yourself, you are not the commitment type.
Markus: I know what I said. The only difference is I let them know upfront. No surprises. I don't hide who I am. Besides, you need someone good for you Kaye.
Kaye: Then what about you Markus?
Markus: What about me?
Kaye: Don't think I don't see how you look at me. I know you like me.
Markus: Of course I like you. You are smart, intelligent, nice. You're my mentor's little sister.
Kaye: Not like that. I'm not that young that I don't notice when someone looks at me different than just a good friend.
Markus: Like I said, you're my mentor's little sister.
Kaye: Are you afraid?
Markus: Of what?
Kaye: Guy. Does he own you like everyone else?
Markus: I'm my own man Kaye. If I do anything it's because I want to. But don't try to use me to get back at your brother. We are like family and
Kaye: You are afraid.
Markus: I am not.
Kaye: I realized one thing in your answer. Not once did you say that you did not like me.
Markus knew when to quit and she was trying to outwit him. He smirked.
Markus: i think it is time to call it a night.
Kaye: Goodnight, Markus.
She left him in the living room and walked daintily into the hallway to her bedroom.
Markus: Goodnight school girl.
Lola: I am so sorry your brother acted that way last night. I don't know what came over him. I never seen him act so possessive. He has always been protective of his family but with you it's different. It's like he has something to prove.
Kaye: I'm over it. I know I'm not going to see Greg again. I tried calling him twice and my call was sent straight to voicemail.
Lola: Poor thing. If you want me to make him feel bad I can. I'm good at that.
Kaye: No. I'm good. I just want to forget the whole night.
Lola: Next time let me know where you are going to be and we will avoid those places.
Kaye: Oh I will. In the meantime I have other things to be concerned about. I have finals in a few weeks and your wedding is just around the corner.
Lola: You're taking this quite lightly.
Kaye: I know. I just don't want to sit and dwell on things.
Lola: Something else is up. What else happened last night?
Kaye: Nothing.
Lola: Kaye.
Kaye: Nothing. I got a ride home and went to bed that's all.
Lola took one last glance at Kaye before turning her attention back to her food. But inside Kaye was in her own daydream. She was able to get Markus to crack a little last night. And for a small second he let down his wall just long enough for her to get a peek of him. The way he looked at her last night was more than she needed to know. Guy: So do you think I went too far last night with Kaye?
Markus: It's not my call G. I don't have a sister so I can't say I would have acted the same way. But you know that dude was just another small time hustler.
Guy: Yeah I know. I just want so much better for her. And the way she was last night. She just wasn't my kid sister out there. She was someone else. She was dressed like....
Markus: You don't have to explain that to me Guy. But you should at least talk to her about it. Now that both of you have cool heads. You need to tell her.
Guy: I can't. She's too stubborn.
Markus: Same apples, same tree.

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