Thicker than Water 5
Published Nov 5, 2017

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It had been days and Markus made sure to keep his distance from Kaye. He avoided being next to her and wanted to make sure to not tempt her to question his desires for her again. He couldn't lie to himself. He wanted her but there was too much at risk. Ever since the first time he met her he wanted her. She pulled at him like no other woman he had ever been with. Was it because she was forbidden or just because she was different from anyone else. She was pure and untainted by the world he was used to. She saw the good in everything including someone like him. And even though she knew about his past relationships and his complex rules she still asked him out. But he was living multiple lies. Because of her brother, he could not tell her the truth about his past and who he really was. That he was muscle in a large world of violence and crimes. Telling her the truth meant unveiling the truth of her brother's life as well.
So it would be better to not think about her no matter how hard it was to stop. It was for the best. Or at least that is what he could keep convincing himself.
He woke up and climbed the stairs to the kitchen. He had a massive hangover from the night before. Too much nectar and too much partying. Even the light from the refrigerator was giving him a headache. But he needed something to eat. He squinted his eyes and pushed through all the items.
Kaye: I can make you something to eat if you like?
Her voice made the hairs on his neck raise.
Markus: Kaye. What are you doing here?
Kaye: I would ask you the same question. This is still my brother's home.
Markus: Yeah but I thought you lived on campus.
Kaye: I do. I was just visiting for the weekend. Finals coming up. What are you doing here?
Markus: Rough night again so I stayed the night in the guest room. No one said you were here.
Kaye: Yeah well with the wedding next weekend, I'm surprised they remember anything. I haven't seen you in a while.
Markus: I've been working more since your brother has been with Lola.
Kaye: Ah! See.
Her lips curled into her usual cheerful smile.
He tried to look away and keep his eyes on everything else in the kitchen. He kept telling himself to not stare at her. Even in her pj's she looked good. The small bit of skin that showed was enough to make him overheat. The refrigerator door was open but he could melt everything in it.
Kaye: So did you want something to eat?
Markus: I got it. Just going to get me something small before heading back.
Kaye: Nonsense. I was making me something so I might as well get yours. Sit.
Just as he was going to object she gave him a firm look and he sat at the island.
Markus: So how is school?
Kaye: Fine. I can't wait for summer. Just one more week left and I will be done.
Markus: Right.
Kaye: So you went partying again? Last night?
Markus: You know me.
Kaye: Yeah.
He looked at his cellphone trying not to talk or bring up their last meeting together. They managed to keep their discussion superficial with a few silences here and there.
The silent moments were a bit uncomfortable. Finally he decided to speak again.
Markus: About the other night.
Kaye: What about it?
Markus: You talked about me and you.
Kaye: I did. And you turned it down.
Markus: I didn't. I just never had a female come at me the way you did. It's usually me that's the forward one.
Kaye: I thought about what you said. And you were right
Markus: I was?
Kaye: Yes. I put you on the spot. Maybe I was being emotional and too dramatic for the moment. I am sorry for thinking that you would be interested in someone like me. You like bad girls, those with more...experience. So just forget it.
Markus: I thought..
Kaye: I'm kind of embarrassed how I threw myself at you. I may have had too much that night.
Markus: Oh....well..... I'm glad we had this understanding.
Kaye: Truce.
Markus: Truce.
The small conversation with Kaye was enough to irritate Markus. The thought of missing his chance with Kaye ate away at him. It was too late to go back to that night. It was too late He would look like a fool. And worse, he would look desperate and weak. He liked controlling his relationships and for the first time he was not in control. Wedding day:
Guy and Lola stood arm in arm in front of family, friends, and Guy's closest confidantes. The evening air was cool and the day was perfect. The officiant welcomed everyone and began the ceremony.
Markus stood next to Guy as his best man. Normally weddings were never his thing. He would only come to receptions and then would leave with one of the lonely single women from the bridal party. But this was no ordinary wedding. This was Guy, his best friend and mentor. Markus would do anything for Guy. Across from Markus was Kaye. Although he heard the words from the bride and groom, he kept his gaze on her. A few moments their eyes connected but she would eventually turn her attention back to Lola and Guy. Officiant: You may kiss the bride.
The crowd clapped and cheered as they embraced and sealed their matrimony with a kiss.
All the guests followed the couple to the other side of the venue for the reception ceremony.
Markus noticed that Kaye was no longer with the crowd and went to find her. She had retreated to a small corner in front of a pond.
Markus: There you are.
Kaye: I didn't realize anyone was looking for me.
Markus: You ARE the only maid of honor.
Kaye: I just needed some alone time. Did i miss something at the party?
Markus: No. But I was kind of missing you.
Kaye: Excuse me.
Markus: I wanted to talk to you bout the other day.
Kaye: I thought we did.
Markus: No you did. I listened. But I never really got to say anything.
Kaye: Sorry. I'm listening.
Now that he had her attention he was lost for words. He was like a school boy trying to ask out the hottest girl at school. He could feel the perspiration build under his suit jacket.
Markus: I wanted to know............
He let out a small cough. He practiced on the drive what to say but looking at her now he was stuck.
Markus: I wanted to know if you would to meet up and get a coffee or something
Kaye: Coffee?
Markus: Or something
Kaye: But I thought you were not interested in me. You said this wouldn't work.
Markus: I'm not asking for a relationship. Just a drink between friends.
Kaye: On one condition.
Markus: What
Kaye: You can't fall in love with me.
Markus: What?
Kaye: I'm a lovable person. And I have a gift.
Markus: I think I will be the first that will resist. Besides, I'm more concerned about you stalking me.
Kaye laughed: You might be good, but I'm better.
Kaye: But I'm not a coffee girl. So instead let's just meet at the gardens and take it from there.
Markus took her hand and led her back to the crowd of others to finish celebrating.
He stood in the middle of the park garden. His stomach turned as he stood waiting. Markus did not like the anxious feeling that was coming over him. After days of not being able to do anything without Kaye being on his mind. He was excited to spend time with her. It was finally time to figure out if she was worth everything he was risking to be with her. Was she going to be just as great as he hoped or would their relationship be just like all the others.
Markus turned around just as he heard footsteps. He could live in her smile forever.
Kaye: This is a really nice spot. I've never been here. I only heard people talk about it
Markus: It's my favorite guilty pleasure.
Kaye: So many colors. So beautiful.
Markus agreed and it seemed even more wonderful with her there.
Kaye: So I thought we could picnic.
Markus: Picnic?
Kaye: Yeah. I brought a basket and it would be nice to just sit and enjoy the day and company.
Markus: It's one thing that I am out with a girl in the daylight but to also sit in grass and eat sandwiches.
Kaye: These are my special sandwiches. And you are going to love it. C'mon. Live a little.
He rolled his eyes as she pulled his arm to a nice remote spot for them to eat.
Before long he found himself spending many mornings and afternoons with Kaye. Although they agreed not to put a label on what they were doing, he felt closer to her than any woman he had before her. Sometimes just laying in the grass and breathing in her air was all he needed for the day. He was growing addicted to her. He took one finger and traced her name in her back. He did it so many times it was becoming rhythmic. Her eyes finally opened when he stopped. They spoke to each other without words as if they were intune with each other's thoughts. Kat: So then we....
Kat sat watching him. She realized for the past minutes he was paying attention to her but to his phone.
Kat: Whoever it is, it must be more interesting than me.
No response.
Kat: Markus.
Markus: What baby.
Kat: Don't baby me. You've been looking at that phone again.
Markus: I'm sorry. It's work.
Kat: Really? Cause I don't ever recall you laughing about something at work.
Markus: It's not important. Just somethings happening here and there. Good things.
Kat: Like what.
Markus: Nothing to bore you with. Now what were you saying?
Kat took one more pause before going back to her story. Meanwhile, Markus was trying his best to ignore the phone humming on his side. He and Kaye had been messaging each other all day. From her sending silly facial expressions to him sending funny meme's. They were teenagers stuck to their phone.
And when Kat finally left to go to the ladies room, he would take out his phone again to see what he missed. She had invited him over for the evening to watch a movie. And when Kat returned he would make up a small excuse why they had to cut their date off short.
Kat: Really. I was thinking that we could finish at my place for know.
Kat's voice became small and seductive. And for the first time Markus was not interested in it. He would rather sit and watch a movie with Kaye than fulfill his physical needs of being with Kat.
But over the course of the next months. He was forgetting about the other women that he shared his bed with and wanted to spend his time with Kaye. He was connecting with her on a more intimate level that had nothing to do with being physical. And when they parted he could not wait to see her again. Kaye was equally smitten with Markus. For her he was confident and assuring. Strong and gentle. She was not intimidated by his rough exterior but the tenderness in his eyes and the way he treated her. She felt safe with him. And she knew that he wouldn't hurt her.
It was evident that both of them were growing closer and their emotion deeper. But both were too stubborn to make the first move.
They became more bolder with showing their affections out in public. At first they were barely seen together out of fear that someone would alert Guy of their meet ups. They still had not told her family of the relationship. Markus knew it would damage the family in more ways than one.
It was Friday night and they had just finished spending another wonderful evening together. They sat on his bed talking and laughing. She looked at her watch.
Kaye: I have to go.
Markus: No you don't. He pulled her gently back to him.
Kaye: No. I have somewhere else to go.
Markus: With who?
Kaye: We are not doing that are we?
Markus: Of course not?
Kaye: Good.
Markus raised from the bed again.
Markus: I was thinking that you could stay the night this time.
Kaye: What about your rules?
Markus: I'm allowed to break them here and there. Stay.
Kaye: I can' we said we would take things slow. I don't have any experience in that area.
She gathered her things and placed them in her bag next to his bed. Markus could feel him dropping his guards and his voice beginning to become desperate.
Markus: Don't go. I don't want to share you.
Kaye: Share me?
Markus: I don't care who he is. I want to be selfish. I want you for me.
Kaye: But what about our agreement.
Markus: Forget about it. I don't want that old agreement anymore. I like this. I like spending time with you. Don't you like spending time with me?
Kaye placed her hands on his face bringing his close to hers. She wanted to see him. She wanted to see how genuine his words are.
Kaye: Tell me what you want.
Markus: I want you to be with me. Just me.
She kissed the tip of his forehead.
Kaye: As you wish.
Ritcter: This is ridiculous. We can't move without them Aren't you tired yet. Admit it. Guy has become soft since getting married. And to make things worse, it's rubbing off on Markus. Business isn't the same. What are you saying. Ricter: I'm saying it's time for a new world order. It's time to shakes things up a bit. And first we need to get rid of the weakest links in all of this. Guy and Markus. Meanwhile>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Lola: Nadine? What are you doing here?
Nadine: I need your help. Have you noticed anything different with Markus?
Lola: Like....
Nadine: I don't know. I just haven't seen much of him. He cancelled the few dates we did have. But when I asked him if he was seeing someone else he denied it. I know we are not exclusive but I didn't think I had any competition for his attention.
Lola: Well I do know he and Guy have been pretty busy with business. So much that he has promised me some family time. We could extend the invitation if you want to come. Maybe this will be good for the both of you. We are going to the cabin. I love the outdoors.
Nadine: I'm more of a city girl.
Lola: Don't worry. It will still be nice enough. Just a week. Who knows, it might just bring the two of you back together since there will be little distractions.
Nadine: You think so?
Lola: It doesn't hurt.
Nadine: Well I won't say a thing.
Lola: I'll tell Guy to invite him and you just show up. He shouldn't mind at all.
Kaye: I don't know how long I can go about sneaking around behind everyone's back. I feel like I've been living a lie for months now.
Markus: We talked about this Kaye. This would complicate things. My relationship with Guy. Your relationship with your brother. He wants something different for you.
Kaye: And what about what I want? Doesn't that matter to anyone?
Markus: It does. But it's just not the right time.
Kaye: I'm tired of waiting Markus. There will never be a right time.
Markus: Just a little more time Kaye. And we can shout till we are tired. I just need a little more time. I also have good news. Lola invited me to the cabin with you all.
Kaye: Just when I thought I was going to get rid of you for a few weeks.
Markus playfully grabbed Kaye pulling her back and into his embrace. She laughed loudly reacting to him. He brushed the hair that fell over her head and kissed it.
Markus: You're not going to get rid of me.
The cabin was camping ground was just as Kaye imagined. And from their cabin, they had the best view of the lake nearby. Markus would be arriving today. He was busy taking care of things for Guy and promised he would be just a few days behind the rest of the family. Guy and Lilith had been fishing at the lake all morning. He wanted to share the experience that his father so proudly taught him when he was just around her age. Guy enjoyed the outdoors and shared his love with his daughter. Internally he preferred the quiet and peacefulness of being in the middle of nowhere. He had always dreamed of moments like this when he was ready to retire from the business. Meanwhile, Lola was making brunch in the kitchen when Kaye came downstairs.
Lola: you're in a happy mood today.
Kaye: What?
Lola: you seemed so occupied the last couple of days I was beginning to worry that this trip was going to be a bust. You know how much your brother likes being "one with nature".
Kaye: No. I've just been busy. Worried about classes for next year that's all. (she hated lying but she knew what the truth would mean).
Before Lola could say another word the door swung open from the front and both ladies could here Markus voice call out. Kaye tried her best to stay in her chair and reframe from greeting him as she had always done.
But instead of seeing just him, her face dropped when she noticed there was someone else hanging on his arm.
Kaye: Nadine?
Nadine: Hi.
Kaye: And Markus....
Nadine: Yeah. Lola invited us. We needed a couple's vacation as well. It took a lot of convincing to get him to finally come but here we are. I'm so glad this is not like a normal cabin.
Lola: Guy is the outdoorsy type. But I'm a big city girl. It was a good compromise.
Kaye: So how long do you....both plan to stay.
Markus: Just a week, then I need to get back.
Nadine: But it will be well worth it. I just know it. He's been so busy with work we haven't spent much time together.
Kaye excused herself from the table and went outside.
She felt she was going to be sick if she stayed in that room any longer. How could he? How could he bring her? She wanted to cry. Her mind was filled with so many emotions. She wanted to scream and punch something. She heard someone call her name but instead of looking up she began to run in the opposite direction. Away from the voice and away from the cabin. She could hear the footsteps following her and when she was finally out of breath she stopped running.
Markus: Would you stop running?
Kaye: How could you? Why did you bring her?
Markus: I had no choice. She showed up at my apartment with her bags. She said Lola invited her to come and it was her idea in the first place. What was I going to do?
Kaye: You could have warned me.
Markus: I tried but your cell isn't working up here. Believe me. I didn't want to bring her.
Kaye: I believe you but what are we going to do now? I'm not going to just sit around and watch the two of you......I can't even say it.
Markus: I'm not. I'm yours. I promised you remember. I'm not interested in spending time with Nadine.
Kaye: We're just going to have to try avoiding each other for the week I'm here.
Markus: Are you kidding? There is nothing that is going to keep me away from you.
Kaye: No. Things are more complicated now that EVERYONE is here. And under the same roof. It's too much.
Markus: I promised you a good week and we are going to have a good week.
Guy: So what happened back in the city?
Markus: the deal went through without any hiccups. But there are stuff that needs your attention.
Guy: Like what?
Markus: Things are getting rough Guy. They say you're getting soft. People are talking. Even our own.
Guy: Keep your enemies close and your friends closer. Looks like I'm going to have to show who's in charge.
Nadine: I bought this really pretty two piece for tonight. I know he is going to love it. You should have seen him on the ride here. He was so tense. I know there is something going on with work. But you know they never like to talk about it.
Lola: Yeah. Guy has been on the phone for the past hour talking to Creo.
Nadine: Luckily I have just the thing for Markus. He always loves it when I-
She stopped herself before finishing her sentence looking over at Lilith.
Nadine: Let's just say there is a reason he keeps coming back.
Kaye swung the shoehorn too hard as she listened to Nadine.
Kaye: Nadine: So how long have you and Markus been on this off and on relationship.
Nadine: Two years now. I don't mind. I've outlasted them all. We have a perfect understanding.
Kaye: And you are okay with that? It doesn't bother you that you may not be his only one.
Nadine: It used to. But I'm his faithful one. No matter who his temporary girl is, he always comes back to me. No matter what. Why you ask?
Kaye: It's just that I always think you would want something more after all these years. Something more meaningful. And if he isn't willing to give you that then shouldn't you just move on to someone who does.
Nadine rolled her eyes and went back to talking to Lola.
Nadine: She is so naive.
Lola: Is she?
Nadine: Of course. I know what I have with Markus and I like it. No commitments. Just a really good time.
But each night Markus door was locked. And he would sneak out the window and share a bed with Lola. Her body fitted perfectly over his. And he slept soundly feeling her heart beat close to his. And each night Nadine was left knocking on his door trying to get inside. And each morning when she talked to him he would give her an excuse to why he didn't answer when she knocked.
Nadine: I can't believe him. He is hiding something. I know it.
Markus hugged her from behind startling her at first. He kissed the back of her neck making her giggle. He loved her reaction to his touch.
Kaye: You're late.
Markus: Sorry. Your brother and I were taking care of more business. Then I had to avoid Nadine.
Kaye: I think she is suspecting something.
Markus: She is just getting frustrated. But I need to cut all ties with her. I thought I did but she obviously thought it was .....
Kaye: Like old times.
Markus: Let's not let all that talk of past relationships ruin what we are here to do. I'm with you now and that's all that matters to me.
They took a stroll deeper into the woods making sure to stay along the pathway back but to also get more privacy.
And when they reached a nice patch of grass, Markus laid the thick blanket on the ground for them to lay.
Markus: I'm so drawn to you. What have you done to me?
Kaye: What are you trying to tell me?
Markus: I can have you like this for hours.
Kaye: Me too.
They returned back to the cabins and kissed before going their separate ways, promising to meet up again, later on, that night. The family sat at lunch the next afternoon.
Guy: Well I hope we all enjoyed this week. I know I have. It's good to take a break from the city every now and then for some peace and quiet.
Lola: I agree, but I am going to be happy when we get back to city life. All these bugs make me miss the loud city.
Markus: Thanks for inviting me here. I don't get to do this much.
Nadine: Sorry I can't say the same. The whole point in me coming was for us to spend time together and I think you spent more time with your work than me.
Markus: Now is not the time Nadine.
Nadine: Well when is the time Markus. I haven't seen you most of the trip. And when I do you're on the phone or have to go do something. It's like you've been trying to avoid me.
Markus: I said not now. I didn't ask you to come. Lola did.
Nadine's face went cold as she clenched her teeth trying not to yell back.
Nadine: I did this for you. For us.
She pushed her chair out and marched to her room without saying another word to anyone.
Instead of following behind her, he stayed and finished the meal with the family. Moments later Guy changed topics and everyone went back to talking, ignoring the fact that Nadine was somewhere in her room. Every now and then Markus would look over Kaye and give a quick smile and she returned his. Lola caught one of their shared glances at each other. She knew that look. She knew it was something there in the way Kaye looked back at him. It was the same gaze she would often give when Guy looked at her. Something was up and that only meant trouble was coming. Later that evening Nadine was ready with her bags packed and ready to go. She was not going to wait another day and be embarrassed again with how Markus was treating her. She wiped her face and started down the steps. Only something stopped her. She heard voices from the room across the hall. And when she crept closer she could tell it was Kaye and Markus.

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